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August 23, 2018
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What Are the Symptoms of Opioid Addiction

It’s not always obvious when someone has an opioid addiction. Doctors use an 11-point checklist to figure out if there is an underlying problem to someone’s opioid use and if it’s time to go to a detox facility. Since the signs aren’t always clear, it’s important to take any strange habits or suspicions very seriously.

Opioid Addiction Checklist

Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, if someone experiences at least two of the symptoms on the checklist within the past year, they most likely have an addiction to opioids.


  1. Taking more than the prescribed amount
  2. Inability to control substance use
  3. Spending too much time trying to find, use or recover from a substance
  4. Always wanting to use the substance
  5. Failing to fulfill responsibilities at work, home or school
  6. Continued substance use despite personality changes
  7. Becoming antisocial
  8. Continued use of substances during dangerous situations
  9. Continued use while enduring a constant physical or psychological issue
  10. Using to get a pleasurable feeling
  11. Obvious withdrawal symptoms


Treatment for Opioid Addiction

If you or someone you know are experiencing these symptoms, please seek help. A primary doctor can give you the best options and rehab treatment centers can lead you in the right direction to recovery. You might not succeed the first time, but with persistence, there is always a solution. The first step is to seek help!