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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Handle Your Heroin Addiction by Yourself
December 13, 2018
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2019 New Year’s Resolutions for People in Recovery

2019 New Year's Resolutions for People in Recovery

2018 is almost up and that means it is time to think of your goals for the new year! For the upcoming year, it is normal to wish to lose weight, save more, find a new love or make career changes. And what do all these resolutions have in common? These goals are made to improve the overall quality of one’s life. The only problem is these goals end up not being followed through because they aren’t personal enough and there is a lack of commitment.

For the new year, think of resolutions that are specific to you and that are something you are ready to commit to and see through during your journey to recovery. Here are four resolutions to get you started:

Be kind to one another and also yourself: Not only should you be kind to others, but also yourself. Give yourself a break once in a while, you deserve it. Going through recovery is hard, don’t make it harder. And when it comes to others, you never know what they may be going through, so try to be the light of their day and do something as little as flashing a smile or saying hi!

Focus on self-care: When you take care of yourself, you’ll feel good, you’ll look good and ultimately, you’ll be good! Whether it is mentally or physically, it is important to take care of your mind and body.

Give back: Get involved with your community. Just sitting around doing nothing gives you more time to think and overthink about your worries. Stay busy and be productive about it. Giving back will not only help others but help you in the long run. You can even start small by doing something nice for your rehabilitation center!

Make more positive experiences: Going through alcohol or drug treatment is not easy. Along the way, you might not have the most pleasant memories to look back on. But the fact is, you are in recovery now and you have a chance to make things right. Take advantage of this time and create lasting memories that you will WANT to look back on.

You don’t have to follow all of these resolutions, but use this as a guideline for your personal goals. Make sure whatever you choose to aim for is something you are willing to commit to. Once you have those goals, make a plan and just start doing!

Brooks V.
Brooks V.
Brooks has been a freelance journalist for the better part of two decades, as well as spending a decade as a crisis intervention counselor. Through his own work and researching the work of others throughout the many facets of the detox, crisis intervention, and mental health worlds he has been able to tell the stories of those worlds in an effort to help addicts and those with mental illnesses understand and navigate them.