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The Effects of Valium Addiction

Valium is often prescribed by a doctor to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks, in addition to other ailments. This drug works by slowing down brain activity and acting as a depressant. Since the use of the Valium results in a relaxed feeling, individuals may begin to abuse the drug in order to feel calm and reduce stress. However, addiction to this drug can lead to serious short term and long term effects, making it necessary to seek treatment and detoxification.

Short-Term Effects

Users of Valium can experience a short-term feeling of happiness and a feeling of drunkenness that is accompanied by a lack of coordination. However, once the effects of the drug begin to subside, and the brain function returns to its normal amount of activity, the individual can feel irritable and anxious. More serious effects include a rapid heart rate and possibly seizures.

Long-Term Effects

After using Valium for a longer period of time, the body begins to build tolerance and a larger amount of the drug is needed to achieve the same intensity of a high. This increased use and dosage can lead to detrimental conditions like hallucinations, loss of the ability the remember things, and even heart attacks. In addition to these physical effects, this addiction can potentially destroy relationships and a person’s financial security.


Typically Valium addiction is treated by lowering the dosage steadily in order to prevent the harmful symptoms of withdrawal. Another way to recover is through behavioral therapy that can help the person get to the root of the causes for their addiction. Getting started can seem like the most difficult part, especially as the person slowly detoxes from the substance. However, it can be done with the right rehabilitation and treatment center.