Compass Detox, a State-of-the-art Drug & Alcohol Detox Facility in South Florida


Professional, Caring & Attentive

At Compass Detox, our #1 goal is the safety, security and comfort of our clients. Our attentive medical team is comprised of doctors, therapists and addiction specialists who ensure that your road to recovery is professional, safe and comfortable.


Dr. Jose Santiero

Medical Director

Dr. Santiero provides psychiatric evaluation, medication prescription, and medication monitoring for patients who are in need of psychotropic intervention. Dr. Santeiro has over 25 years of experience in the field of psychiatry. Much of his work has been focused on treating patients with co-morbidity, crisis stabilization, detox, dual diagnosis, and medication management.


Dr. Drew Lieberman

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Lieberman worked as a physician leader and educator in the community for 3 decades. His prior focus was on improvement of surgical outcomes in outpatient settings with his background as an anesthesiologist and medical director. Recently, he’s been fighting the national epidemic of opioid abuse. Direct patient care and the possibility of saving lives is what drives him every day.


Samantha Moreno

Clinical Director

Samantha is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, has been working with substance abuse and mental health populations for the past 7 years, and is passionate about her work in the field of addiction and changing people’s lives for the best. B.A. Psychology from University of South Florida and Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.


Tara Hemerick


Tara is a Certified Addiction Professional with a passion for providing the utmost quality of services to those individuals struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. Her focus is on helping clients discover their strengths, building self-esteem and developing healthy lifestyles. Tara has worked in the field for the past 10 years, and had received her B.A. in both Education and Psychology.


Eric Aday


Eric is a Mental Health Counselor with a passion for assisting individuals that are struggling with mental health disorders, specifically substance abuse. Eric graduated with a Masters from Carlos Albizu University in Mental Health Counseling and has been active within the field for a year and a half.


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The Compass Detox editorial team is comprised of content creators with a wide variety of experience. Our research-focused team includes addiction care professionals, medical academics and those with personal or professional experience with alcoholism & drug addiction.