How to Help Someone Detoxing from Alcohol
How to Help Someone Detoxing from Alcohol
June 16, 2020
6 Reasons Not to Detox from Alcohol on Your Own
6 Reasons Not to Detox from Alcohol on Your Own
June 18, 2020

3 Most Common Fears That People Have Before Getting Clean & Sober

Scared to get sober

There are certain people who aren’t able to drink. They can’t handle alcohol. Maybe you lose control when you drink. You might feel the need to drink to handle a trauma from your past. Maybe alcohol and drugs negatively affect every aspect of your life. If this is the case, you are not alone. There are millions of others just like you. Now it is up to you to decide whether you are going to get sober. This can be scary. Many people have fears that keep them from getting sober. Knowing more about these fears might give you the boost that you need to start your sobriety and recovery journey in Florida.

1. You Won’t Have Fun in Your Life Once You Are Sober

Many people believe that they won’t have any fun in their life once they are sober. This is a fear that many alcoholics and addicts have. The problem is that you can’t keep drinking. When you think about it, the “fun” that you have when you are drunk is not actually fun at all. It is an imagined type of fun that you tell yourself you are having so that you can continue drinking. Once you wake up with a hangover or after doing something that you regret, you realize that the drunk lifestyle is not actually fun.

Think about the things that you have fun with when you are drinking. Do you enjoy hanging out with your friends? Maybe you like feeling alive or going out dancing. Visualize yourself doing these things clean and sober. You will be able to remember every part of it and you can have even more fun with these things because you will be in control.

Once you get sober and you start working through your recovery, you can live a fun-filled life that out-ranks the type of “fun” that you had when you were drinking. It is important to realize that in your recovery, you have so many more options for fun. You can travel, go skydiving, hang out with your friends while in the right state of mind, take a trip with your friends, play sports, go to concerts while sober, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Fearing the feeling of boredom while sober is common and expected. However, when you get sober and you are living in recovery, you will see that you actually have the freedom to do so many things that bring you joy and excitement in your life. You have so many ways to have real fun.

You only get one life and you should have fun with it while sober.

2. You Are Afraid That You Will Lose Someone In Your Life

If you are afraid to lose someone in your life because you choose to get sober, that person isn’t worth having in your life.

For instance, you and your significant other might be used to going out and getting drunk together. What happens if you choose to get sober? Your relationship with that person probably wouldn’t work out. However, even though it might be difficult to see at the moment, that may be for the best. You deserve to be with someone who is going to support you living a healthier lifestyle. You deserve to be with someone who wants the best for you. If your significant other can’t be that person for you, then you deserve much better.

Maybe you are worried that you are going to lose your friends – the ones that always go out partying with you. Are these true friends if all they want to do is hang out and get drunk? How often do you hang out with these friends without drinking? If the answer is not very often, then it is important to know that you can make true friends when you get sober. You can meet people who want to spend time with you when alcohol and drugs aren’t involved.

Yes, you may be saddened by the loss of these people in your life. However, that shouldn’t stop you from getting sober. It is important to remember that your life in sobriety is going to allow you to develop connected relationships with new people in your life. Sobriety will help you build better relationships with other people that are already in your life as well. The people who are good for your life will stick around and support you in your recovery.

Even if you love someone with all that you have, it is important to understand that they need to have your back if you choose to get sober. If they can’t stand by you while you get sober, the love you have for them isn’t enough to hold that relationship together. They should be by your side watching you grow into the best possible person you can be.

Over time, you are going to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships when you are sober. Take the dive into sobriety and recovery today. It may take some time to adjust to letting these people go from your life, but you will get there. You will learn that you can have a wonderful life and amazing relationships with other people in your life. You can make new friends who truly get you and support your sober journey.

3. You Are Afraid That People Will Think Less of You

Are you afraid to admit that you have an alcohol addiction? Maybe you are worried what the people in your life will think when you tell them you have an addiction. In time, you are going to learn that it doesn’t matter what other people think about this. If they don’t have your back when you are trying to make your life better, they really aren’t around to support you.

It is important that the people in your life have your back. If they can’t understand what you are going through and support you when you are getting sober, you can find others who will.

Yes, it can be scary thinking that people in your life will think less of you. However, this may be simply your imagination. It might just be the fear talking. When you finally open up to your family and friends, you might be surprised to hear that they do support your journey into sobriety and recovery.

These are 3 of the most common fears that keep people from going after soberiety. If you have any of these fears, or even all of them, remember that you are not alone. When you decide to get sober, you can overcome these fears and create a much better and healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Bree Ann Russ
Bree Ann Russ
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