What to Expect When You’re in Withdrawal
May 31, 2018
The Importance of Emotional Health During Your Detox
The Importance of Emotional Health During Your Detox
July 12, 2018

Why Florida Detox Centers Might Be Better Than Your Hometown

Why Florida Detox Centers Might Be Better Than Your Hometown

The Florida addiction treatment industry has a lot more weight on their shoulders since the increase in opioid abuse. Receiving detox treatment from a professional treatment center is one of the only reliable ways to fight this epidemic. More and more treatment facilities have been popping up in the United States. However, South Florida still holds the reputation as the “rehab capital of the world.”

Benefits of Treatment Centers in South Florida

One of the most difficult parts of dealing with a drug addiction is making the decision to stop using and getting treatment. However, the decision making doesn’t stop there. It might seem easy to just walk into the first treatment center you see, but would you really want to base such an important decision on convenience? Here are a few things you should consider when choosing an addiction treatment center:

  • Quality of Care
  • Ability to get rid of distractions
  • Environment
  • Amenities
  • Cost & Financial Resources

All of these factors should be taken into account when choosing a treatment center. However, let’s focus on the first three.

Quality of Care

South Florida is home to many of the nation’s best addiction counselors and clinicians. You would think that someone’s first thought would be to get the best quality of care they could afford. Most treatment centers in local communities don’t have the privilege of having the proper resources. They are usually crowded and counselors have too much on their hands. Luckily, treatment centers in South Florida do have the right resources and are able to give the care and attention to all their patients. This includes creating individual programs for each patient.

Ability to Get Rid of Distractions

By getting treatment within local communities, someone trying to recover will be surrounded by everything that caused them to become addicted in the first place. This is where they obtain drugs, hang out with other abusers and are immersed in a toxic environment. Why would someone want to get treatment in a place like that?

Here are more distractions that come with staying local:

  • Relationship/Family problems
  • Difficulties at work/school
  • Financial problems
  • Legal problems
  • Health problems

Going through a successful recovery requires focus and commitment. It is much more beneficial to start somewhere new and free of distractions, such as a South Florida treatment center.


Besides the fact that South Florida has top-notch care, the weather and amenities in the South add to the relaxation and recreation one needs for recovery. Treatment centers are able to flourish here because of the peaceful environment that ultimately can eliminate stress.

Cost & Financial Resources

Going through detox will bring you one step closer to recovery. It is important to make sure you are getting quality treatment in order to ensure the best and most effective experience. Would you rather go through a bunch of cheap treatments that don’t work out in the long run or a pricier treatment that leads to a better recovery? South Florida detox programs have some of the best doctors for addiction treatment and that comes at a price. It’s good to know what you’re paying for, so you know what is best for you.

Cost Factors

  • Outpatient/Inpatient: You need to understand the difference between outpatient and inpatient care because this will make a huge difference in cost. An outpatient program will cost less because a patient will see the medical staff at the facility and then go home at the end of the day to follow the given instructions. With inpatient care, patients stay overnight and receive around the clock care, meals, and get to have access to the facility’s amenities.
  • Length of Detox: Everyone is different and so is the length each individual has to detox.  Depending on your background, you can be in detox from days to weeks.
  • Amenities: You get what you pay for. The more amenities, the more the program will cost. Detox centers can provide the bare minimum, such as the treatment, a bed, and food. More inclusive facilities will have complex treatments, a luxury environment, and high-quality food.
  • Insurance: If your insurance recognizes your addiction as a disease, they will usually cover part of the cost of your treatment.

What You Can Look Forward to at Compass Detox in South Florida

When you finally choose the right South Florida detox program, there are many things you can look forward to. South Florida facilities want you to feel comfortable and have the resources to do it. Once you arrive, you will first go through an evaluation with a medical team member. Not everyone handles addiction the same and it is important that the facility fully understands how to treat you.

If you choose to go through an inpatient program, you will then go through the stabilization process to manage all your withdrawal symptoms. Don’t worry, you will have around the clock care and assistance. Also, feel free to take advantage of any amenities during this time.

Towards the end of your treatment, a staff member will work with you to plan out your aftercare. Detox is just the beginning, but you will be on the right track towards recovery.

After someone makes the choice to get help, it’s important to choose a treatment center that has all the resources to promote a successful and lasting recovery. Convenience shouldn’t take precedence over quality. If you’re ready to get quality treatment that will make a difference, skip your local treatment center and get ready to experience what South Florida has to offer.

Brooks V.
Brooks V.
Brooks has been a freelance journalist for the better part of two decades, as well as spending a decade as a crisis intervention counselor. Through his own work and researching the work of others throughout the many facets of the detox, crisis intervention, and mental health worlds he has been able to tell the stories of those worlds in an effort to help addicts and those with mental illnesses understand and navigate them.